fredag 30. september 2016

We are ready to kill right-winged bigots with just a description of our situation.

Name five singers partaking in the following: USA for Africa – We are the World without using the help of the web. Points for each one per the seventh and upwards. May your luck be blessed by Luke.
One additional point for the correct name of the sequel.
No, it’s not the Norse/Danish version currently linked, although the setting gives you a major clue. (Denmark 2005, Norway -06, Sweden -07 and beloved Finland in -08: the mid two with appropriate subtitles, of course – I do not have current and relevant information concerning Iceland, my humblest apologies).
No, clever fans of the picture, it’s not the son of the fifth singer, either. Bonus point if you can name them both. (But that’s beyond unlikely).
Surprised? As am I.
No new year’s day to celebrate. Just the 11th and the 12th of April. Despite the rain, of course, and lack of flowers that does not exist in the imaginative mindfulness of the heated heart.

No chocolate covered heart to give away – it belongs to you both, giver of names and snow of the north.

The singer of songs give praise to the sun due to the fact that darkness covers us both.
Welcome, world, to a new change.

Welcome, to rain in November and pretty girls in the mirror.

Every Little Thing She Does… is magic.

It took an hour. An hour and a lifetime.
The tongue of the words spoken, nonexistent to those unknown, tripping inside and outside the United Kingdoms, rose their hooves in salute to bring unity amongst more than this.
Dolls. Broken dolls, loved dolls, hugged, lost, borrowed and cornered.
We are the world.
And we’re ready to kill right-winged bigots with just a description of our situation.

fredag 23. september 2016

Five or ten percent elitism

I’ve met someone awesome. Pure, random chance, of course – and the fine gentleman complimented my English while at work. Called it both classy, upper class and distinct. I may be stretching the latter, but the point still stand. He also happened to enlighten me in something I’m fairly certain a lot of my fellows inhabiting this country do – and that is never feeling that their grasp on the English language is adequate and good enough. I myself find it a perfect description – something I often do say from time to time when using the language of the world – apologizing for not being good enough to the impossible standard. You know what? No more! Instead, I’ll share a bit about our conversation.

We were of the same mind concerning a variety of subjects that ranged from balance to elitism, from governments (same shit, different face) to King and country, from being invisible in a crowd to actively stand out and making others comfortable. This is just a sample selection, as you might imagine: we also talked about roleplay, Star Wars, technology, Brexit, the state of dumbing things down (Americans followed after this – quite the shocker), adaptation and oh so much more.
Masons. Yes, we did touch upon this topic slightly. I was not recommended, per say, as the Gentleman in question didn’t specify whether or not he was part of this group – but I received the hint that I would fit in rather nicely with this particular group. Must admit, I’ve been thinking about this myself a few years back. Upon inquiring why I was not particular fond of the idea, we touched upon the much more intimate discussion of my personal life. I had no qualms in order to be completely honest with him, and he took it exceptionally nonchalantly well – much to my deepest satisfaction, which I did of course not displayed in full.

After almost one and a half hour talking, we exchanged emails. That’s what I’m doing right when I’m done writing this – I’m going to sit down and construct something that could be the draft of what to send to the Gentleman.

mandag 12. september 2016

.. .

I awake.
My memory is ash.
Flames have been through my head this night.
All that is left is dust.
Burnt dust.

And sot under plastic sheet.

fredag 9. september 2016

Between cuddling and emotes...

Ninkas of the world, unite!

Early autumn.
The night was warm and filled with peace. I was walking in the streets, passing others by without need to stop, continuing to the destination in your own pace. A light wind made a single, yellow leaf fall ahead of my path. It was one of those evenings that somehow promises perfection and delivers.
Two nights in a row.
Hell froze over for the reunion comeback. Still haven’t listen to them enough to know if the old or new stuff is what I’d prefer. Right now? Take it easy.
On the plus side, pandas are no longer on the endangered species list.
Currently, I cannot endorse it, nor deny its worth.

The pacing is deliberate.
The lift is not a ride.

Angela Merkel once said that a type of Islam that did not stick to the constitution or accept equal rights for women had no place in the country. Meanwhile, the internet is going into overjoy mode due to a King’s speechIn Finland: someone put a chain saw on a flying drone, simply to destroy a lot of snowmen. Because why not.

Ever had Wings? Wings make you feel empowered. Makes you fly.
I have Wings of my own. Mighty Wings o’mine.
Take it easy.
Your non-cover blown lover is safe. Just like family. Sorting through the emotions and hats, finding what was there the entire time…
All due to a convenient timed ex machina.
Dancing in high heels.
This tells you almost nothing about me as a person. It doesn’t even have to be true.

lørdag 3. september 2016

11 past nothing

caught in the middle of a hundred and five
the night was heavy and the air was alive
but she couldn't find how to push through

drove the chevy to the lady but the lady was dry
I'm wasting my time I've got nothing to do
I'd like to change my point of view

another porcupine tree
I wonder

I don't believe that anybody feels like I do