torsdag 22. juni 2017

Sharing this since a member of the community made me aware of the clip in question. Personally, I’m at 5/7 – one rather obvious, the other not so much. Care to guess?

Also, MaevarisTilani is a new favorite. Go figure, right? Powerful magic user,
Now, if you’re reading this and wondering why I’m silent on other forums, arenas and various forms of communication – the answer is simple: My own computer remains net less. Therefore, further sharing of thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams in the shape of words and voice is not only improbable, but also impossible, for the time being. But hey, at least she’s got the look.

And we go na na na na na na na na.

onsdag 21. juni 2017

Permission to come aboard, Captain?

The shuttle was approaching the USS Pier. Having been spending quite some time getting upgraded – not all system were operational, despite her status as cleared – the list of minor tweaks must have been long as a year’s worth of bad reports.

The Commander couldn’t help but smile. A familiar sight, alt last. Home again.
Browsing through the crew list, she noticed certain changes. Junior-Lieutenant Knuma had applied for reassignment, while the ships’ chief medical officer, doctor Flebb, had left for other reasons. Chief of security, Mar’k’kek, was gone as well, and the cute Andorian, Fri’gda, had moved on shortly after her own departure. Then there was the owner of Amor. That caused more than a sting.

Upon stepping on the bridge for the very first time made a certain silence sweep across the room. The Commander looked around, keeping herself balanced and appearing at ease, despite the withdrawn and neutral face. Then the Captain rose.

-          Permission to come aboard, ma’am?
-          Permission granted. Welcome back, Nomi.

The Commander finally dared a smile and the Captain beamed right back at her. Crossing the distance, she opened her arms in a warm welcome. The embrace was longer than usual. Probably not up to Starfleet protocol, but – three years and a whole lot of long distance missions made up for it. Not like any of the officers would file a complaint. Instead, more than one acknowledged the Commander with pleasant smiles, nodding gently at her before carrying on with their tasks.
It took a few days to settle in and get to know some of the new additions a bit better, as well as reconnect with old friends. The Commander knew it was not really what you would call those you served alongside with. However, on the USS Pier rank and regulation played less a part than trust and genuine co-operation.

Though not all the changes where of the bad kind: Lieutenant Cami seemed to be up for promotion soon, and Lieutenant-Commander Tabakk remained just as active as before, even with his additional duties off-ship. Lieutenant-Commander Cezzelizze was due some shore leave – well earned, as usual – and her smile rivaled only that of Captain Jek. Commandant Ratve was absent due to her family, but Admiral Teima poked her head up an early morning and wished the Commander a happy return before heading back to what must have been an endlessness list of inspections.
Lieutenant-Commander Anc’sche, another former officer, had requested her old post back, and like the Commander been accepted. It only took a chance meeting during a course for the two of them set the tone, followed by a shared shift, and the Commander knew that the Lieutenant-Commander was going to be a friend on the same level as the rest of the bridge crew.

A similar story went for Lieutenant Vibast – also an old hand. While they had only met once while the Commander was on duty and the Lieutenant on furlough, they had never actually served together – circumstances had made them bypass each other. The Lieutenant was therefore an unknown to the Commander in an otherwise flawless familiar bridge crew.
Despite all the upgrades, the ship itself remained the same. So too, had the crew. The sensors and the engines, the weaponry and the interior – all new, shiny and up to proper Starfleet standard. Only the outside hull, the name and designation number remained of the USS Pier. However, the crew had asked to avoid reassignment, and had even aided in the work on getting her up to shape. The Commander had mixed feelings regarding that – she should have been a part of it, not only coming back as the ship was ready to head out to active duty once more. Still, she was back, and just in time for the next big adventure.

Commander Nomi had barely time to recall some of the science team, Rohordra and Hayhay, before they too offered their own unique “welcome home” bit, making her secretly vowing to do that department justice in her logs.


-       There must be some kind of way outta here,

said the joker to the thief.

-       There are many here among us, who feel that life is but a joke. There's too much confusion.

-       Hey, no reason to get excited,

the thief kindly spoke.

-       None were level on the mind, nobody up at his word. Business men, they drink the wine while plowman dig the earth.

-       I can't get any relief.

-       Women come and go; barefoot servants, too.

-       Well, we've been through that, and this is not our fate.

Outside in the cold distance, two riders were approaching while the wind began to howl.
It was getting late.

søndag 11. juni 2017

Nomi and the night.

Throwing up is always an experience. Throwing up on an empty stomach leaves much more acid, or a higher concentration of acid, in your mouth.

I flushed the toilet and brushed my teeth. Now I’m sipping water with wet lips. Would have liked to nibble on a dry cracker, though my gut tells me it's too soon to try.

You can add the full moon and lack of nourishment from yesterday, too.

Been some sailing last days with the guns pointed at the deck, going up and down.

In a few more hours, I’ll be walking with a dog and a once again coworker who bought me Smiles/smiles and brought hugs to our reunion.

Do you recall the Simon and Garfunkel son that ends with “the morning is just a few hours away”? Technically, it became morning at 04:00 (AM, not PM – duh).

My connection, or lack of it, only allows for a single page refresh before it stops all together. Takes ages logging on to anything. Nevertheless, that’s what I have to do in order to post and share this.

By now I’ve given up trying to disconnect and reconnect as the process takes even longer and there is no guarantee that I’ll be able to get back on during the first try.

As an MMO player, it’s not optimal.

About an hour, took it.

I’ve learned to keep Skype on the bottom tab of the screen, and move forward when it’s not showing the update sign. Unfortunately, there is no logic or time-frame, and I can easily skip some of it because it’s not 100% accurate and the signal for web access doesn’t cooperate with it at all.

And then, all of a sudden, the net decides to play ball and work with me, allowing me access, but not so much to actually post my writings.

By saving everything I wrote down, I assured myself that it would not get lost in the "progress, working, sorry - not working".

Just plain luck I was able to get this out at all.

Homeward bound. Or, well, home is where your heart is, so your real home's in your chest.

fredag 2. juni 2017


Cancelled. Time to do the same with my Netflix account.

The Paris agreement remains strong, though.

torsdag 1. juni 2017

Goodbye, hillbilly land. Hello and welcome, Friar’s Fireplace.

That’s right. I’ve departed the backwater and forsaken hypocrisy of the religious south, only to return to the soft urbanization of the small city life of happiness and feeling of home.

Why? Why do this quote come to mind?

“This is to remind people that free societies are stronger societies. Open, multicultural societies are the places that the world’s best and brightest had wanted to go to, while mono-cultural, repressive societies are the places they’ve wanted to escape from.”

Because it is true.

By coming back to the Tolkien and viking rich environment, I'm coming home. I am home.

And in case you didn't get the title, the Friar's Fireplace is the name I have given my new living quarters. While I probably won't refer to the place before other than hillbilly land, the one before that was Meresti.If you can't figure out why, then you can dig around, or remain in the dark - I'm sitting by the warmth and watching the flickering source of burning and shadow casting.