mandag 19. januar 2015

News for Taqia.

It is not very hard to get access to a security record if you know the trick. Sometimes I wish it were not so easy. Servants of the Empire should protect their information better.

I accessed the holo recording. I saw the whole scene play out before my eyes. Then I did it again. After the third time I made a second copy. 

Lord Urthewour.
Lord Muqiush.

Two names, both known to me, both of them important to remember.

I considered frying the machine, but decided not to. A public terminal could be better off serving another purpose. 

Walking out of the booth, I dropped some credit chips at the door. In a few minutes, almost all traces of my visit would be compromised or gone. Any holo recording would not show my face. I do not wear a mask and a hood while in public for this reason alone, but it is a close second.

tirsdag 6. januar 2015

Three Kings, three Queens

Yes, it's the Magi Eve (hellige tre kongers aften). Or, as once joked while I was a drama student for over ten years ago now, it the hellige tre kongers saften.
Oh, come on, that's funny!

So, Taqia is in for a rough ride, Xarl just got promoted and Dar... oh, where to even start? I've got plans for Dar. So let's just leave it at that for now.

My fellow Kindred. We are gathered here today to answer to the threat from the lord/land cast in shadow and flame. Together, as the piercing morning light falls on the mountain, red and pink and almost crimson to the mind against the drop of white and pale, pale blue sky, we ride across, not on horseback, but side by side, as we stop to rest at what is unknown to most of us.

Oh yes, I remember the King and all his men, set on horses around a broken egg, a shell of a man, too peachy to be recalled properly. With the drop of a hat a mellon, an orange and Miss Hartdomshire walked by.

- I believe your sanity is very much at large, a woman said; if she spoke to me, I don't know for sure, even if she did happen to wear a pig sized shape of a dress in the middle of an Easter Holiday Spring Break, shattered glass on Shatner. William, be a good lad and fetch the...
Oh, dear, what deer was I asking for again?