mandag 19. januar 2015

News for Taqia.

It is not very hard to get access to a security record if you know the trick. Sometimes I wish it were not so easy. Servants of the Empire should protect their information better.

I accessed the holo recording. I saw the whole scene play out before my eyes. Then I did it again. After the third time I made a second copy. 

Lord Urthewour.
Lord Muqiush.

Two names, both known to me, both of them important to remember.

I considered frying the machine, but decided not to. A public terminal could be better off serving another purpose. 

Walking out of the booth, I dropped some credit chips at the door. In a few minutes, almost all traces of my visit would be compromised or gone. Any holo recording would not show my face. I do not wear a mask and a hood while in public for this reason alone, but it is a close second.

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