fredag 23. september 2016

Five or ten percent elitism

I’ve met someone awesome. Pure, random chance, of course – and the fine gentleman complimented my English while at work. Called it both classy, upper class and distinct. I may be stretching the latter, but the point still stand. He also happened to enlighten me in something I’m fairly certain a lot of my fellows inhabiting this country do – and that is never feeling that their grasp on the English language is adequate and good enough. I myself find it a perfect description – something I often do say from time to time when using the language of the world – apologizing for not being good enough to the impossible standard. You know what? No more! Instead, I’ll share a bit about our conversation.

We were of the same mind concerning a variety of subjects that ranged from balance to elitism, from governments (same shit, different face) to King and country, from being invisible in a crowd to actively stand out and making others comfortable. This is just a sample selection, as you might imagine: we also talked about roleplay, Star Wars, technology, Brexit, the state of dumbing things down (Americans followed after this – quite the shocker), adaptation and oh so much more.
Masons. Yes, we did touch upon this topic slightly. I was not recommended, per say, as the Gentleman in question didn’t specify whether or not he was part of this group – but I received the hint that I would fit in rather nicely with this particular group. Must admit, I’ve been thinking about this myself a few years back. Upon inquiring why I was not particular fond of the idea, we touched upon the much more intimate discussion of my personal life. I had no qualms in order to be completely honest with him, and he took it exceptionally nonchalantly well – much to my deepest satisfaction, which I did of course not displayed in full.

After almost one and a half hour talking, we exchanged emails. That’s what I’m doing right when I’m done writing this – I’m going to sit down and construct something that could be the draft of what to send to the Gentleman.

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