fredag 9. september 2016

Between cuddling and emotes...

Ninkas of the world, unite!

Early autumn.
The night was warm and filled with peace. I was walking in the streets, passing others by without need to stop, continuing to the destination in your own pace. A light wind made a single, yellow leaf fall ahead of my path. It was one of those evenings that somehow promises perfection and delivers.
Two nights in a row.
Hell froze over for the reunion comeback. Still haven’t listen to them enough to know if the old or new stuff is what I’d prefer. Right now? Take it easy.
On the plus side, pandas are no longer on the endangered species list.
Currently, I cannot endorse it, nor deny its worth.

The pacing is deliberate.
The lift is not a ride.

Angela Merkel once said that a type of Islam that did not stick to the constitution or accept equal rights for women had no place in the country. Meanwhile, the internet is going into overjoy mode due to a King’s speechIn Finland: someone put a chain saw on a flying drone, simply to destroy a lot of snowmen. Because why not.

Ever had Wings? Wings make you feel empowered. Makes you fly.
I have Wings of my own. Mighty Wings o’mine.
Take it easy.
Your non-cover blown lover is safe. Just like family. Sorting through the emotions and hats, finding what was there the entire time…
All due to a convenient timed ex machina.
Dancing in high heels.
This tells you almost nothing about me as a person. It doesn’t even have to be true.

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