fredag 30. september 2016

We are ready to kill right-winged bigots with just a description of our situation.

Name five singers partaking in the following: USA for Africa – We are the World without using the help of the web. Points for each one per the seventh and upwards. May your luck be blessed by Luke.
One additional point for the correct name of the sequel.
No, it’s not the Norse/Danish version currently linked, although the setting gives you a major clue. (Denmark 2005, Norway -06, Sweden -07 and beloved Finland in -08: the mid two with appropriate subtitles, of course – I do not have current and relevant information concerning Iceland, my humblest apologies).
No, clever fans of the picture, it’s not the son of the fifth singer, either. Bonus point if you can name them both. (But that’s beyond unlikely).
Surprised? As am I.
No new year’s day to celebrate. Just the 11th and the 12th of April. Despite the rain, of course, and lack of flowers that does not exist in the imaginative mindfulness of the heated heart.

No chocolate covered heart to give away – it belongs to you both, giver of names and snow of the north.

The singer of songs give praise to the sun due to the fact that darkness covers us both.
Welcome, world, to a new change.

Welcome, to rain in November and pretty girls in the mirror.

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