mandag 3. oktober 2016

Naked priest chasing grouse in a marsh.

Welcome to Norwegian news titles.


Slow news day.

Well, for those of you who enjoy coffee, that is. Me? Sure, I can go for a cup of good coffee, but I’m much more of a tea person at heart. Speaking of, I’m now getting back to an older habit of mine. Boiled water, still warm, instead of tea. Refreshing.

Recreating what once was, making it both fashionable and comfortable, appearing high out of a window in the castle tower’s top floor – don’t forget your hat – isn’t that charming?

The pacing of sleep is deliberate.

This serves as the perfect time to introduce the comic that inspired not only the cry FOR SCIENCE! – but also the Castle Renew inspiration – both thanks to a fellow guildie and friend of mine. Marvelous person and storyteller, too.

Wocketa wocketa wocketa.

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