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Star Trek - the blog. Part Two.

Part One.

Acting Captain log, additional entry.
After the accident, we transported Captain Sovngarde and the rest of the survivors to the Sick Bay. The Chief Medical Officer had grim hopes and expressed his sincere fear to me after one crewman had an incident and startet to develop curiously sympthoms. The USS Hamilton is, as of this moment, under quarantine.

Captain Mobeus' log, stardate 2378,5.
Captain Sovngarde died tonight. Murdered. Along with the late mr. Reid. I have ordered Lieutenant Skjor to handle the investigation.

Captains log.
We have lost all possible contact with Starfleet. Chief Specialist Natasja Volkova have sealed the bridge from the rest of the ship. Until reinforcements arrives, we must fight the Borg alone.

Captains log.
Last entry.
We have been hailed by what we think is another Starfleet vessel. Help is on the way. And we need it desperately.


Acting Captain Reid's log, stardate 2409,3.
First entry.
The USS Hamilton has been reclaimed by Starfleet personel. Whatever enemy who captured the ship have been long gone since the slaughter. All what is left here are the dead. Yet there is still a foul precence of danger onboard. I rallied my team and took back most of the ship. Tactical Officer Anthi have just secured the brigde. As the highest ranking Officer left alive, I am now Commanding Officer aswell as acting Captain.

Captains log.
I, Cathrine Miranda Reid, have been promoted to Captain of the USS Hamilton by Admiral Quinn. As my First Officer, I have selected Tactical Officer Anthi. Together we shall set out to the end of the universe and bring back knowledge from strange, new worlds. This ship have a purpose again.

Dr. Reid's diary.
I never wanted to be Captain. Never. I was happy with my research and the company of my music. Yet, here I am, almost field promoted to what most of the crew calls a cursed ship. One of my few comforts is that Anthi is here with me and sharing my discomfort. The USS Hamilton is not a happy ship, that's for sure. I have little of argument against the rumors. This is, after all, the ship where my father was killed.
First stop; Andoria, followed by a trip to the Memory Alpha.

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