søndag 10. mars 2013

Star Trek, part three

Part Two.

Captains log, additional entry.
On the way to search an unexplored area in the Delta Vanis Cluster, we are now under attack by several ships of unknown orign.

Captains log, Stardate 2409,32.
After the successfull battle at a metior field in the Delta Volanis Cluster, I have been reassigned to a Nova class craft Science Vessel, the USS Oribaza. I have made an offer to the entire crew: if there is anyone who want to leave the USS Hamilton, I'd be happy to welcome them onboard my new ship if there was a spot open for them. 67% of the crew accepted my offer. However, the Oribaza have need of a much lesser crew than the Hamilton, and despite the size differences, not everyone who applied for transfer got assigned to my command. I was able to make room for the rest on the USS Celeste with a promise of a job on my ship as soon as any available positions opens up.
Lieutenant Anthi have joined me on the ship's maiden voyage and is pleased to be able to continue to serve as my First Officer. I hope this may this prove to be a better mission than the last.


Captains log, additional entry.
After a True Way attack, I have watched the destruction of the advanced warning satellite Aello, along with with several of my crew on it. What was suposed to be a simple repair job ended with the death of Chief Engineering Officer Jhryn Jhahl. We pursued the enemy ships and made sure that none of them escaped.
Yet there it is little or no comfort in the thought that he and the rest of the team was revenged.

Catains log, additional entry.
First Officer Anthi have been emotionally compromised and is relieved of duty untill futher notice. The USS Oribaza now lack both a First Officer and a Chief Engineering Officer.
Morale is low. We are setting course for the Sol System.

The loss of a great friend and coworker takes it's toll on both Anthi and my self. I'm thinking of giving all hands shore leave, Officers included. We just need to go home, first.

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