lørdag 18. februar 2012

Star Trek: The Blog - Part One

Acting Captain Mobeus' log, stardate 2378,4.
Captain Sovngarde have received shore leave with the rest of the crew and has left me in charge of the USS Hamilton. With me, I have Chief Specialist Natasja Volkova and Lieutenant Skjor. Our mission, to prepare the ship for intersolar journey. We have six days before Captain Sovngarde and the others return.

Acting Captains log, additional entry.
Specialist Henderson have asked me to accompany him to the overseeing of the ships main upgrade, our new set of warp engines. A Commissioned Officer of Starfleet, Mr. Matthew Reid, is in charge of the operation. He assures me that the delay shall not be of importance and that we will still be able to fly by the end of the week. Specialist Henderson does not share Mr. Reid's enthusiasm.

Acting Captains log, additional entry.

I have assigned Lieutenant Skjor to help Specialist Henderson locate the reason behind the problems with the construction of the navigator control panel, as it does not yet comply with the ships newly installed engines. The Lieutenant, being a Vulcan, have made me sure that his expertise of logic shall be of great assistance in this matter. However, I have more pressing matters to attend to as I am late to present my report on the ships progress to the Captain.

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