onsdag 21. februar 2018

Pride, so small a thing!

No, not that kind of Pride – just good old fashioned pride. Though, it’s easy to mistake the two (unless you’re in the know). I know. Sometimes even the simplest of phrases are confusing. Apologies for adding to that by the title.

What I am is proud. Proud of something rather silly, actually.

A Olympic participant – the person in question shares my first name and holds the last name of a Kaizer’s Orchestra song – took silver. Twice. So far. Such a curious and small thing to feel the beating of the heart of –considering that it’s on no way reflect anything on my behalf (expect putting the two halves of the given name and surname into the combination that makes me smile).

Instead of going on about how the Olympics 2018 are lining up in terms of medals and such (Damnit, I’ve just done that, haven’t I?), I’ll say that joy for the various things can come in randomness. So please, do be happy for everything that you might be able to be happy about.

Don’t worry. Be happy.

And because of a friend of mine on FB shared something I could not stop myself from doing too, I’m apparently Bellatrix Lestrange, Princess Leia, Jadzia Dax (!), Snow White, the Scarlet Witch, Melisandre, Galadriel and Michonne. Oh. My. Gods.

I really, really, REALLY shouldn’t be as happy about this as I should as it’s surely all random and by no means a measure of me personally. That doesn’t exclude me being over the top; want to slit my own throat fantastically over the hill happy about this!
(Full quote at the bottom of the page – bonus points if you get the sitcom it’s from.)

So, if you find yourself being Santa Claus on Prozac in Disney Land getting laid, don’t overthink it – just be happy, all right?

Okay, uh, what do you say I go over there and tell her how much I like her? No, no, it'll be good. I can tell her how much I've been thinking about her. That I haven't stopped thinking about her since the moment we met. That I'm so fantastically over-the-top want-to-slit-my-own-throat in love with her, that for every minute of every hour of every day I can't believe my own damn bad luck that you met her first!

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Peter willet sa...

Last parts is awesome. First part i keep thinking bout vegeta from dragonball z. Which is also kinda awesome