tirsdag 7. februar 2017

Shall I shave my head?

Stayed at the (most?) famous Borg designation. Unlike Annika, I did not fight the Rock.

I did not go to the meeting. Not this time. Will be easier with a secondary location.

Eat what is yours. Become a meal.

Green eyes, blue eyes, red eyes. Spock. By blood, by ears, by heart.

Past, present. Presents. I give to you - Erin Ptah.

You might ask yourself whom this is. I can tell you that this is a political active creator of cartons. Not only a giver of humor and understanding, but an inspiration to follow and aspire to. Links to the right of me, smiles to the left - stuck in the middle with you.

Broken does not always require fixing, repair or adaptation. Sometimes breaking the norm is a good thing. Evolving.

Feel-good is the extreme make over team all coming to hug the newly lucky ones who'll stay in the new/old house. Jon Snow knows nothing. Jane Snow knows all.

One of my first actions in the big city? Buying a coffee and buns for one of those less lucky - in addition to 200,- NOK. Why? Humanity. Compassion. Doing what is right without any thought of reward than common decencies.

At the party, I met Vampire. I did not kiss Vampire (but for on the neck), and Vampire did not kiss me.

The lack of collar understanding is lacking outside the scene of Marten's mom. Proves one is not to assume.

Connections. Bounds. Respect.

Safe. Secure. Consensual.

Counting stars as R.
Counting stars with R.

Gentleman in her heart.

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