søndag 7. august 2016

My holiday guest reader special – this is for you.

While it is not a Part Two, it is something else. A little story of something that I imagined you’d appreciate in the hours of updating.
Monday, 8/8, second season of Sense8 becomes available.  That means when Tuesday night hits, I’ll be unavailable.
Do you remember what we discussed? If not, then it’s all right – no mind bears to recall all that’s taken place in this world. Barred is the way to knowledge and enlightenment unless you seek it for yourself.
The bong dong boom party happens tonight. Because we’re bad guys that blows things up to pieces.
Tonight the Lady of the House will have a chat with her handmaiden. We’ll see how that goes as it will be quite the strange experience for them both. Ah, the great outdoors and the bliss of random happenings in the rain that causes hair and lekku to flutter in the wild, wild wind.
In terms of love, hate, despise and all things in between emotions of the art, we find humans. Beings, much like ourselves, still struggling to carve out hearts of their own in the desolate wastes. Lips. Lips, sweet, soft, caressing, kissing, my lips to yours, locked in bliss.
And while the thunder roams the sky and the lightning reaches upward into the stratosphere, dark coffee beans roll downhill in the everlasting need of focus that tiredness and wired telephones cannot beat alone in the shadow of lingering doubt and dough.
In the dark, what will guide you?
In the light, will you shield your eyes?
In the twilight, do you succumb to loathing for yourself?
Dawn rises. Zombies awaits. Vampires go to rest. Werewolves slink back into their caves and lairs, to reemerge as humans once again. Teeth, nail and tail. Sharptooth ponders where the next meal is lunched.
Lurking, lurching, luring and launching into what you never imagined.
Your thoughts belong to me. Your thoughts are free.

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