lørdag 6. august 2016

Lana & Lilly

You are the inspiration for a generation. Beyond even that. You’re my heroes.
And by gods, I love you both. Thank you.
If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s not news per say. It’s simply my inability to stay tuned and up to date on the happenings in the real world.
Having both the letters A and I in my chosen name as well as my given name (pun intended) it makes me proud, too. Strangely, it shouldn’t matter what you’d call yourself (or have others call you) – as only Nomi have the letter I in it. Then again, Nomi is simply something I call myself. It’s not a name, per say. It’s something different. It’s a substitute of using a real name – either of my real names.
I’m also proud to say that the one person in the team I’m working with now has proven to be friendship material. Note that it may not evolve into a friendship, just knowing the potential is there is like cooling sweat while wearing a silk shirt.
Caged lions. Tigers. Crouching, hiding, sneaking in the sunlight. On my way home, I remembered.
Trees are fine.
I like trees.

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