fredag 29. juli 2016

One minute remaining.

It’s been a while since I’ve worked the party crowd. Festival in town. Lots of party people all around. Sick coworker means it wasn’t my shift originally. Don’t really care about that – I can do the job.
Gotten some good feedback as the second part in two separate brainstorming sessions this week – letting others bounce ideas and hear opinions. Being focused on solutions, keeping an open mind and staying positive – gods, I wish more people were like that, too. Making the world a better place, being a bit diplomatic and a smile, that’s what this is all about.
Wired all night.
Funny thing? Was all right. Bit tired at times. Then things got busy again. Made me smile.
Wired all night.
Also, in other news – my work place now thinks some of them have “figured out” the mystery that is me by assuming that I’m in a same sex relationship while still being sort of gender fluid. Funny how right and wrong that is on so many levels.
“Dude, we live in a world where the only hope for Tamriel is a giant, man sized talking cat/werewolf hybrid that kills dragons by shouting at them. Fuck your logic.” In a nutshell.

A mermaid found a swimming lad,
picked him for her own,
pressed her body to his body,
laughed; and plunging down,
forgot in cruel happiness
that even lovers drown.

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