søndag 31. juli 2016

Like a bridge...

City center closed down due to the music festival, so I had to spend additional time to walk around it in order to get to my work place.

A message from the rude person from last night left for me when I finally arrived at work (said message can be read later this post).

Had calls from unsatisfied persons who wanted to know specifics concerning ventilation that didn’t suit their particular needs.

There were lots of representatives from the festival around, mostly loud underage teenagers who’d had no business being there in the first place.

Key card system stopped working for a while.

Coffee machine needed fixing.

An unknown number of people stepped inside to borrow the toilet, more often so without permission than with.

All this happened in the first one and a half hour. And in the time of writing, the cooling system have decided to stop functioning.


Original message (in Norwegian):
Hei, (navn).
Fikk en telefon fra en gjest som hadde vært innom hotellet i natt. Han sa han hadde oppført seg ganske dårlig og vært frekk mot deg.
Han ville bare ringe og beklage seg veldig. Han la seg flat og mente det var en dårlig oppførsel.
Hilsen en gjest med dårlig samvittighet.
: )

English translation:
Hello, (name).

Had a phone call from someone who’d been visiting last night. Said he’d behaved rather badly and been rude towards you.
He wanted to call and apologize. He blamed himself and agreed to it being bad behavior on his account.
Sorry from a person with a conscience.
: )

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