torsdag 18. februar 2016

The pure joy of randomness!

So, it’s late at night and I’ve just ended part one of an RP event (as a player, not the event master, mind you) because of bad internet connection on the European continent. On a hunch I log on another character of mine (different faction, very new, not done much RP with at all) to do a late night Flash Point (that’s like a dungeon, not a raid). Finding one I join a team with three others. At some point one of them left because we (all expect one was low level) wasn’t really up to the task because we didn’t have as good gear, skills etc. So, the high level person left. We found a replacement and got to the last boss fight. Failing that the replacement left followed shortly by one of the original team members. So, there I was, standing with one other, not ready to give up. So, we tried again, with companions this time (NPC’s that follows you around and helps you). We came really close to do it, too close not to be bitter. We made some adjustments and tried again. This time the focus was healing – stay alive and keep the team alive and we might just have a shot at this. Succeeding we went bananas – it was, as things go, an epic win. Then in the following cutscene (the last one) we were joined by two others. It could not have been a better timing – we had JUST cleared the boss and were wrapping things up after going 20-30 minutes waiting for other characters to join us! Finishing the Flash Point we exited with big smiles and laughter, explaining what was going on to the two confused newly arrivals. Then they left and it was just the same person and I again. Then we got to talking. And we really hit it off! I mean, you know you’ve got someone nice when you both find the non-existent (aka just created by title) song “Four People Shuttle Run”, then arriving at the conclusion that this is the first big hit of an Nar Shaddaa heavy metal Togruta-only band – you know, that ONE song all the fans yell and wants to hear when they’re touring and playing live. Seriously, I could not have asked for a more spark of joy! Then we talked about the game, RP and this person was truly excellent – a newcomer to the game, but far from inexperienced in the world of RPG. Then it got late and I had to (regrettably) log off. We said our goodbyes and hope to see you again – and I certainly wish so: why else would I friend list such an awesome individual?

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