onsdag 24. februar 2016

Have gear, can’t Wednesday.

Who’s up for karaoke night at Jigglypuff’s?

“(Name of channel withheld for reasons) is they only channel I know that says "let us know what you think" and actually cares what you think.”
The reply?
“We do care! Not least because we have a smart, super knowledgeable community who's as into obscure videogame trivia as we are! :D

Okay, since I’m spending time referring to what’s on the big, wobbly spider’s domain, have a take on Rey that I’m now finding myself largely in favor of.

I’ve also made it into the ranks of the Jedi. Starting at the bottom, of course, but with every option of advancing. Goal so far? Become a Knight. Short term? Have my character learn to read properly. Middle goal? Advance to the rank of Padawan. Should say sorry for having to made some obvious mistake about first introducing myself IC, too (I blame my character for not knowing).

On the note of randomness – a friend of mine and I was doing RP. Our characters were dancing and we were having fun picking out the music we the players could listen to while it was going on. Then an ad for a fast food chain popped up. Muting it and watching made it appear strangely epic. So, we watched it again. And it was still epic. Disturbingly and somewhat depressing, I admit, but still epic.
If you want to have this experience, here’s the links to get you started. Put them on at the same time (music first, then ad -  a 0.5 second delay is fine). Crank the volume up a few extra notches. Takes about 30 seconds to watch. Don't forget to mute the ad.

Mowing on: the big spider spinning tells me that my zodiac sign tells me that I overthinks problems, withdraws, and chooses not to deal with them instead of focusing on the problems. Apparently, people sharing my zodiac sign in some form or another succumb to sadness quite easily.
I find this statement to be strangely accurate.

And because I want to end this on a happy, romantic note.

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