tirsdag 12. januar 2016

To lead the way Northward.

To be borne by one woman, any woman is a random chance. To be borne in a country, any county is the same random chance of where said woman was located at the time of your birth. Thus, your cultural heritage should matter less than what other factors shape you. I guess it depends if you’re proud of the piece of land where you originated from or not.

I’m not proud of being who I am as a person. I am, however, proud of my country. Such a romantic way of putting it, isn’t it? Well, I am. I’m part of watching the 1994 Olympic Games as be a member of the host nation - a fairly young one at the time, but still my point stands. I’m proud to have a monarchy in this time and age. I’m proud of the colors of my flag. I’m proud of applying citizenship to another country.

Even in a Grand Assembly, there’s differences of opinion. You’d count on it.

I’m a human being. Sure, we’ve got differences of opinion, race, sexuality and whatnot, but one thing binds us together: We’re from the same planet. Hopefully we’ll be able to have that in common during these talks, too.

Despite our brief existence we’ve come a long way. The road ahead? Longer, harder, way more than you’d initially thought would be possible. That’s the big adventure – you didn’t expect “true power” to actually be able to change the world. To change something for the better... to actually make a difference... that's part of the dream, isn't it?

Having a nation with lots of strong LGBT rights means one thing – others should have the same benefits. Knowing all too well that this sounds very much like religious argument I still stand behind the statement. Thus, I see it as part of what I am to do to provide others with such acceptance, smiles and humor as exists in one small part of a tiny country in the bright, big world.

One cannot have male births. Yet. One day we will. As a species.
But before that I’ll be nursing health.

Declarations of love, passions and such may seem inspirational to some. To me, it’s now about survival. Because things change. Roll with it or be crushed. A harsh reality, it's true. But the goal is to make the dream the reality and the reality a reflection of the dream.

Unquestionable resolve? Only in high definition. Or is it? I don't know, I don't care - what matters is this: Doing the better thing. Entire after-action reports could be contributed to the subject. I'm not going to add to that pile.

If you have inspiration, basically anything that makes you think "I can do this" then you're on the right track. I don't care about what you're drawing courage from. I don't need to know. I need to know that there's others out there fighting the good fight. Doesn't matter how.

One drunken whaler?
Early in the morning she rises to embrace us all.
Give peace the blessing of a musical retreat.

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