tirsdag 12. januar 2016

In the nights of the Three Winters.

You, the client, are seeking a solution to your predicament. However, there’s little choice in actual resolving it in a clean cut way without complications. Typical.

You are the player, immersing a fully-fledged storyline of intricate plots and hidden agendas of multiple NPC’s across an evolving sandbox world of random encounters. I only wished you’d brought some dry, clean socks to the party.

You stand at the precibus of an ocean, knees deep in sand, fighting the urge to pummel headfirst into the unknown wonders of your beloved’s skirt hemp and dark creature offspring. In the deep places of the world, love can grow strong on gems and gold.

It does not matter. Your every step have lead you to this direction. Your every move have been to create this particular moment. The rooks flies over your head, making you dizzy.

And you love it. Every moment, every lead, the wind, the dark reach out of the corner of your eye and the feeling of coming home. Finally, you’re where you belong: in the arms of someone you adore and treasure above the death of Lazarus.

Good night, my dears. May you sleep safe in the wonders of the world. In the back of your throat, deep beneath the subconscious mind and tricks of light there lives something inside you, hidden and tucked away, only to emerge at a time of need.
Good night, my dears. May the need never come to you in an ill thought manner of grey shadows, sticks or stones, running oils or boiling hatred.
Good night, my dears. May the shadow of the night bring you peace at last.

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