tirsdag 15. desember 2015

The game’s afoot.

Turns out that the twist – and I do mean that word in the terms of jurisdiction as well as high running emotions – is now looking to conclude and shelved away, thus presenting a long sought out settlement. Pray hope that I’m not mistaken in this matter.

If you do not know what I speak of (as such often is the case) I’m afraid I cannot say more as the whole legal point of view in this situation is but a few steps away from the courts, giving both parties cause for concern and pause. What I can reveal is that the entire proceedings have an air of poor handling, misinformation, and obvious lack of information as well as overall marked by non-objectivity. Having elected officials isn’t always a good thing, for what does one do when the majority of said officials are refusing fair play and don’t follow the standard protocol because it doesn’t help their version of the cause?

Let the hunt begin.
Not for justice, not for what’s right, but for fighting corruption.


Other than that, it’s time to return to the capital for various tasks. I’ll be staying at the odd traditional location that’s become something of a strange habit for me over the years. If you so wish to see me while I’m in town, please let me know – I’m not done making all the preparations, so it’s quite possible we’ll have the option of a little get together. All I’m asking is that you initiate contact.

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