tirsdag 22. desember 2015

Speak simply, straight and with a smile.

Speak simply.
Sadly, I seldom speak in a manner easy to understand by others, both by words and intent. Yes, my words are not simple, but at the same time, I relish the lack of simplicity in them. Complex? Not necessarily. Needlessly and irking? Undoubtedly. I still do it.

As my lack for linear thinking and red thread I can’t say that my vocal capacity is living by this principle. Not going into the whole sexual aspect of the theme (because that would clearly send much left to be wanted), I’m merely saying that it’s harder than first thought and not something that’s always applauded in our time and society.

With a smile.
This I do too little. I try, but sometimes a smile can be a bad thing. Still, it’s the mental output of it that matters at times. My mind may smile even though my lips may not hint at it, even if this is hard and not something I can say I’m a master of. Likewise my lips, eyes, face and outward appearance can play the part of the smile while the inside, masked behind what I want others to see.

In the end, be yourself.

Ending this on an epic note.
Seems somehow fitting, too.

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