fredag 10. juli 2015

Insignificant self inflicted rant.

After turning twenty-eight, I knew I wasn’t going to join the 27 club, so I made a drastic life changing decision instead.  I’m not yet ready to talk about it publicly, but if you read this and know what I’m referring to, then please keep it to yourself.

A former friend and coworker of mine once uttered the sentence “smile with sound” – come to think about it, it’s true. Even smiling silently makes noises of it’s own. Sort of.

I keep way to much stuff around.

Having spent the last days going through old clothing that no longer fit or will become unfit, I’ve yet to turn my eye at the junk that keeps on collecting around me – old birthday presents, gifts, random things I bought for an occasion that most likely will never happen… I’ve begun sorting through some items and done some hard choices, but I fear that several more is to come. I only wish that my resolve will not wither away.

I’m a brony. There. That’s one thing that’s become obvious, but that I’ll say out loud none the less.
Being me I’ve been neglecting myself in ways that will come back and haunt me later. But for now, I don’t really care – I’m who I am, I’m not giving in and despite it all, friends do really make the magic.

I don’t think I’m fit for being an officer.

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