lørdag 27. juni 2015


“I've learned since then that no matter what a pony has done in the past, they have the capacity to change. They have the ability to better themselves and deserve the right to do so. Not allowing a pony to move beyond their past means they will forever be defined by it. Refusing them the chance to improve robs them of their ability to become more than what they were.

I've also learned that no matter what a pony is on the outside, great potential lies inside them. Assuming a pony is a certain way based solely on a label is ignorant and cowardly. It imprisons that pony inside the boundaries of that label. They can never live up to their potential because they are never given the chance.

In the end, I guess I learned that love and tolerance should always win out over hatred and prejudice. Not everypony is trustworthy but everypony deserves the chance to earn trust. Knee-jerk reactions and reflex persecution can destroy something precious before you ever realize just how special it was.”

This was written in a fan-fic about MLP. I’ll not give away the story, but if you wish to read it, it’s here. It’s the second fan-fic concerning MLP I’ve read so far and I’m quite happy with it. This is the first. Warning; both contains ponies in situations not appropriate for foals to read.

As the US have made a great stride in the right direction, I’ve come to grow fond of a character in Sense8 that at some point I think might be me. Well, similar to me, I mean. What I’ll become. What I hope to become. And that being that person will make me as happy as I can imagine now.

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