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Mirosh Glotsk

Allow me to tell you about a character of mine. Now, you might ask, what sort of character, what universe, what faction and several other questions that would help you come to grips just where this character “belong”, per say (as I am full aware that I have a LOT of different ones in oh so many settings). But hold your horses and make still your swift fingers on the keyboard – I will tell this tale and answer what I can to the best of my abilities.

This is a character I’ve made for the D&D fifth edition. It is not one I’ve played, and therefore I’m able to give a presentation of (my played D&D characters will remain a mystery if you’re not part of the group – sorry about that, folk). Mind you, this is simply backstory for now, and one I highly intend to actually play sometime in the future as I find both the character and the character concept intriguing.

Her name is Mirosh Glotsk and she’s a Half-Orc Monk. Granted, not your most typical combination, but wait – it gets stranger: she’s also born to nobility (background). Maybe it’s best I start diving into the story already…

Imagine a kingdom/queendom akin to the medieval setting with lots of nobles in their castles all over the countryside. Now, picture the neighboring nation being one of Orcs. In the D&D setting, Orcs aren’t made of the same cloth as those roaming in the works of Tolkien, but they’re rather nasty, none the less – and warmongering runs in their blood. So, naturally, at one time, an army of Orcs struck out and started doing what Orcs (no matter their universe or setting) tend to do best: causing serious unrest and concern for all the other direct and semi-direct parties involved. This, however, did not sit well with one of the nobles in this land, so he gathered his own army and headed out to meet the roaming ravages. There was battle, stalemate and death. Wanting not to spend (all) the lives of those in his own little slice of the kingdom/queendom, Vervem Glotsk rode out and cast a challenge for the Orc war leader: a duel, just the two of them. If the war leader won, he would have his army stand down and give the Orcs free passage to pillage and plunder and produce pain in the populace. But if he won, the Orc army was to retreat back where it came from. Surprisingly, or maybe not, the war leader, Milvi the Gruesome, came forth and accepted these terms.

The duel was legendary, but scarce of details. The noble Vervem Glotsk, being a Shadow Sorcerer of high might and arcane power, battled at a distance and kept taking the few hits that he could. The war leader Milvi the Gruesome, a Storm Herald Barbarian, fought with the fierceness of nature and the bloodlust of her kind, striking true and hard.

And then it was over. Who had won is hazy, and best glossed over for the sake of the story.

Still, here is where it gets interesting: after this duel, the two, Vervem and Milvi, decided to marry. Why remains to speculation this day.

Years passed, and their union produced two children: Mirosh and Ronuz Glotsk, Half-Orcs through and through. What I can mention is that the older son, Bibrar Glotsk, a Paladin, did not look kindly upon his new siblings. He then decided to take up the Oath of the Crown and travel the country, helping those in need. Milvi, restless in the court of Vervem, took Ronuz and told the rest of her family that she’d make a proper Orc out of him. Vervem agreed, but wanted Mirosh to stay and learn the art of ruling. Secretly, he hoped for either child to harbor magic akin to his, but alas, he was sorely disappointed: Ronuz took up the charge of command while in the Orc horde as Milvi the Gruesome’s second, proving himself to be a Fighter and a Champion, while Mirosh only showed some proficiency with the shortsword –but did not squabble Vervem’s lessons and the responsibility those with noble blood must adhere to.

However, there was many a mystic in the court of Vervem Glotsk: Warlocks, Sorcerers, Wizards and other practitioners of not always above the board dark arts. Here, a man of wisdom and discipline stayed for a while. Mirosh became infatuated with this close to holy man, and Vervem allowed his daughter to train in the ways of the Monk.

More years passed. Mirosh looked out from a window, inspecting the fields and lands surrounding Vervem’s castle. It was time to explore and travel, to better understand how the world worked.

Que session zero…

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