lørdag 14. april 2018

Standing with slippery underpants.

It’s no fun, I can tell you that much. You KNOW your knickers aren’t falling off due to you wearing stockings over, but the sensation never the less makes one mentally grasp for one’s underwear and pull it up once more.

I guess one could argue that I don’t have phat fat a$$ or big booty. Which is perfectly fine, to be honest, as I’m rather satisfied with my small tushy already. No, I’m not going to shake it for you.

Speaking of behinds and other quarters, did you know that a friend of mine and I are doing space adventures together? In not your so average game of strategy and empire management I can safely say that I’m very glad I’ve got a whole bunch of unconditionally allied beings that can come to my emotional rescue should one of my neighbors choose to invade me (of which statistics hold a high probability, possible). Link? Sure, why not? Fair warning, it’s only at the beginning stages being out for public viewing so far, though more to come.

Why such a strange post this day? Because comic relief from a world mess is exactly what’s needed sometimes, and this certainly qualifies.

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Peter willet sa...

I actually know that feeling aswell. Though mine due to weightloss. Im sure your tushy is lovely (shaking would be most welcome :). And the space adventures are super fun too. Keep up the weirdness.