onsdag 24. januar 2018

Assigned: gender.

Such a small thing, as a meme once said.
But is it? Now that is the question.
No reason to get excited – I shan’t dwindle, dawdle or dally on the topic more than setting the stage.

It’s been some time since last I wrote. It was not by design or intent – that much I can assure you. However, my silence has a reason – one that my friends across borders already are intimate familiar by this point: lack of internet. Now, you can laugh as much as you’d like for this seemingly absurd predicament, but the truth of the heart is that my machine suddenly refused to get me access to the web. All other devices remain operational, and it is simply my computer that is out of sync.

On the plus side, having a month (and the better half of the next one, too) without outside connection and communication (except for visits to the library and public computer usage as well as a few quick scopes at work) was strangely liberating once I got used to it.

I’d put it down in three stages.
-          The first being slightly frustrated with growing acceptance of the situation, marked with lack of successful (despite numerous) tries of rebooting.
-          The second was an unexpected and serene experience of Buddhist bewilderment mixed with joy of the simplistic satisfaction.
-          The third is a growing annoyance and vague sensation of apathy, tinged only with the knowledge that the end to this is coming – and soon.
Now, I don’t have a date for you just yet (don’t want to say one thing and then not being able to hold to that in this scenario), but I can promise you this: the time of reestablished connection is close at hand.

I’ve also decided to return to the larp scene this year on at least two different occasions. One involves zombies and fantasy, the other WWII and Cthulhu. I can assure you that both happenings will be as awesome as they sound – as soon as you’re able to wrap your head around the settings.

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Peter willet sa...

òooh playing Achtung Chtullu ey? I do like call of chtullu games a lot so keep me informed on that story.