fredag 11. august 2017

Starlight x 2

So, I’ve just spent 2500 on a jacket that I thought cost 250. Not that I couldn’t afford it – and it was a very nice jacket – it’s just a bit consumerist of me. The entire day has been like that, to be honest. Well, since I woke up again, that is, and met whom I shall call Miss Wolff in the Friends and Castle universe. Before that I had snot and tears running at 05:30 local time for no apparent reason.

I’d say today was a treat in many ways.

Ice coffee in the summer is enjoyable.

Three brave people came to the iceberg: the engineer, the monster slayer, the healer. They came here ready to disarm explosives, to fight monsters, to tend to the wounded.

There’s a vote coming up in a month’s time, too. While I hold no political career at present, it is enough for me to stay true to my ideals and go green. But not Soylent.

Remember, dear reader, that I love you, and that love is strong in this world.

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