søndag 2. juli 2017


Second exalted march done and over.

Sunburn report: face only (feels like it, not showing).
Muscle soreness: behind the knees and a little down the legs from there (mild), not arms (surprising), shoulders worst (unexpected).
Random pleasant encounters: four (a nice reporter for breakfast company, a lovely inspirational being in a fantastic outfit before the parade, a potential new friend sharing water and food with after as well as an dear old friend walking by without noticing that I had go after just to hug).

Saturday morning: shower, preparation.
Saturday breakfast: last year's location.
Saturday's event: Pride Parade.
Saturday sleep: in order not to collapse.
Saturday evening: Skyfall.

Reminded me of English Operative. Missed him and the gang.

Sunday brings the dawn.

We still got a roa long road to walk go.

Plan for the next Pride: political, bring something for the breakfast, seriousness.

Small wins.

Might as well give an account of what happened.

I dressed in all black and with practical shoes, alas - no photos, sorry. Originally planning to do something similar as last year, I didn't -the second random encounter of the day took care of that. Instead, I marched with a small piece of paper of light purple, white and green with the following text:
       We're here 
     We're queer 
  Get used to it 
Had a lot of smiles and positive reactions from bystanders as I passed them by, so I hopped and skipped and jumped - when I wasn't being serious. Had to take a few breaks from carrying the thing up high above my head, too, so from time to time it was on chest level. Did carry it the entire march, though.

Pinned the thing up on a wall back home as a memento. In honor. Full colors. No, not just because of the Sense8 reference - the lovely creature of inspiration noticed, though - and that is why I was handed it specifically out of the five options. I sincerely hope our paths cross again sometime in the future.

It was a good march. A lonely experience as I spent most conscious thoughts (when not actively using my brain cells on some other task) of someone I wish was there with me.

The world of men will fall and burn. Not necessarily in that order.
The age of humanity is ending.
The time of us humans remains.
Are we our very own nemesis?

One day, my love. One day.

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The Muffin sa...

"Always thought impossible
Break the chains of life
What I fought for every day
Could finally come alive..." - "True", Amaranthe.
I know I have no idea what it feels like to be there, out in the open, showing your own fight for love, equality and peace, but I am happy that -you- could do that. I hope you had lots of fun and joy and excitement! Yay!
Your lil Tori. :P