lørdag 29. juli 2017

I am the storm.

Having mentioned that I have two special someones in my life, I would like to talk a little about that. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then you know where to read. Moving on.

Now, they share certain points in common, but for the sake of privacy will I not say more. However, they are their own unique individual self – despite their similarities. Their color of the hair is the same, and they share a very specific taste. A lot of the physical aspects are familiar, but not what I would normally consider “my” type. Turns out, this might actually be the case.

Of statue and mind, they hold to the higher level, one possible above my own. I am, by far, unintelligent, yet I would rather say that I squander my initial gifts – especially when considering society. I do, however, have plans – though many of my former plans have remained castles of air and nice ideas without following through.

Anyway, I set up a meeting; letting the two of my very special someones come together, wanting them share a few words. Nervous? A bit. Worried about the potential fallout and pitfalls? Not really at the time, no – both my special someones are quite acceptable, kind, gentle and understanding – again, on levels that surpass my own.

And it went well, I thought.

There’s a tree in the back yard across mine. I can see it from my window. It is a small tree, maybe three or four meters high, with a whole lot of a green treeish bush around a brown bark clad center of wood, looking all like a miniature Japanese construct – the ones you use a nail cutter to groom properly. It is a beautiful tree. Standing there tonight, under a grey-clouded sky, it makes me feel better. I can see it from my window. The tree stands on a field of grass. It is not my tree, because trees belong to themselves. Then the rain comes and I go outside to face the storm with a head held high, arms stretched towards the sky, and a silly smile on my face. Lightning bolts becomes my swords when I drew them from the sky. You’ll fear the roar of my thunder. Now run my gauntlet of slashing rain.

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