tirsdag 28. mars 2017

Everything looks different in sunlight

R. and Snow walked into the tightly sealed room of what they were sure to be a very efficiently kept and shiny space station. It was a place of science research and, amongst all the beeping monitors of the other rooms, there was also the sad emptiness of the one they had just stepped in. Within was nothing but metal walls and, half-asleep, in the very core of those boundaries, the Entity.

Some might had named it a Slightly Fat and Somewhat Lazy Siberian Cat, for that was the shape it took. Yet beneath that shape was something far more terrible; the true extent of its powers was unknown, yet the fact that it could control time, space and dimensions was scary enough to justify its containment.

The two girls had walked within with a professional approach, waiting to do something of remarkable relevance and, at some point, the Entity looked upwards with lazy eyes; it blinked, noticed something.

- So this is it? Asked Snow.
- It is, very much so, nodded R.
- It doesn't look that scary, probably what makes it more terrible, commented Snow; the cat yawned.
- Probably so, yes... Idly smiled R. looking at her Snow, while Snow smiled looking at her R.

As the two girl both smiled at each other, their gaze couldn't focus on the Entity. As they turned towards it once again, the cat wasn't there any longer. Panic. How could it? What could have happened? Where could the thing be?

They looked left and right and noticed, at some point, the culprit conundrum: the tightly sealed chamber was not that tightly sealed, for the forgot to close the door when they walked in ! Possibly a stratagem of the freedom-aching entity...

Snow and R. looked outside, and even though just a couple of seconds had passed, they could see how the base had been wrecked to almost ruin; the many computers in the adjacent chamber were filled with flames and sparks, tables were turned upside down, papers were left and right, flying all around. Snow swiftly approached the alert button on the wall and pressed it, soon awakening the loud sound in the whole base. The Slightly Fat and Somewhat Lazy Siberian Cat was free.

They ascended the stairs to the upper levels of the scientific base, and during said ascension, they met some of the people who were themselves escaping. Scientists and young secretaries they had quickly noticed and met while they descended. Most of them were panicking as the stairs, with their dark red hue due to the red alert, had so many people on them.

- Stay close to me! Commanded R. sweetly.
- Always! Commented with fear and affection Snow.

Yet as that was spoken, a sudden rumble filled the air and ground. They both heard a smothered, distant and deep laugh, evil perhaps, as they noticed the red lights going off, one at the time, from the very bottom of the stairs. People ran, they were afraid of the dark, as everybody is; yet most of them were clumsy and scared, and not fast enough.

Snow saw her R. enveloped in dark, and so did R. with her Snow. She (R.) moved her hand to find that of the other girl, to squeeze it and at least have some form of contact to then proceed up the stairs... but there was no Snow to found.

Snow shook her head and blinked several times, in the dark. She felt strangely warm, and felt the presence of something soft and pleasant on her lap; she was sitting, most likely on the floor and instinctively brought her hands onto the thing in her lap to touch it. It was furry and warm, and purred while she caressed. She retracted her hands and yelled.

- R., R. it's here! It's so very here! Snow yelled in fear.
- Oh, shush... The cat spoke, for indeed, it could speak, being an entity out of time and space.
- And keep petting. The cat lay his head onto Snow's lap and, knowing the whimsical and jealous nature of cats, she complied.
- Where are we? She asked.
- In a warm and dark and comfortable place. You should like it, idly commented the Entity.
- Why should I? Snow was frowning and, though cat petting felt relaxing, she knew she couldn't lower her attention, for that Entity could still just wish her out of existence with a snap of its claws.
- Because we're very close to R., the cat commented and, to that comment, Snow answered by suddenly standing up. The cat rolled off her lap and landed on its legs with ease, licking its paw while Snow searched left and right in complete darkness. She hit a chair at some point, yet she didn't remember to have seen any chairs on the stairs; and it was a nice chair, to the touch. Wooden, not plastic and metal like they usually were in the scientific base.
- We are, actually, inside R., added the Entity and, at those words, a light turned on.

Snow was in a nice wooden living room, like one of those old and beautiful living rooms one finds in modernized mountain houses. The wood was light toned and smooth, with lovely windows overlooking the outside (whatever outside was, given the dark she saw past the glass); a table was in the center, surrounded by four chairs. On the table itself was a lovely crystal pot filled with lilies and coltfoots, and a wooden boat full of sushi that invited her to nom on said goodness. A nice fire was cracking in the chimney.

- Where are we in R.? Asked Snow.
- We are in her stomach; isn't it pretty? Answered the cat-Entity.
- It is, it's pretty pretty, added Snow; she wasn't very focused, impressed by what she saw.
- Do you like it here? Asked the cat with a smirk on its catlike face.
- It's pretty... for a stomach. Wouldn't all this wood hurt her? She frowned and looked at the cat.
- Not at all; makes her stomach very resilient. I think it's a nice place for petting, the cat added.
- It... Definitely is a nice place for petting, Snow said while looking at the cat and considering that, perhaps, it could have done with some more petting.
- Could I tap on the windows?
- That would give R. a stomachache. The cat throttled closer to Snow's legs and rubbed its side on them.
- Well, I can't live in R.’s stomach forever. Snow looked at the cat with strict eyes.
- Well no, there is a nice bed in the liver; you could sleep there and eat here. It made much sense, after all.
- But I would like to hug R., can't do it in her stomach. Also, there are plenty other stuff I would like to do in my life before retirement into R.'s stomach.
The cat looked slightly offended.
- Meh, it simply said, almost meowing. Snow meanwhile patted with her foot onto the wooden floor.
- Don't do that, it'll make her stomach feel funny. Snow sighed and sat on one of the chair.

- Well, I'll eat some sushi and then be off. For she seemingly knew the way out, yet wished not to say the cat that she did.

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