søndag 22. januar 2017

I did not march.

There are, of course, reasons as to why I didn’t. Most of them I share with a friend of mine.

Unlike others, I have a job that incudes shift for every day of the week, every week of the year. Having shifts on both Friday and Saturday severely hampered my option to be part of the march – not to mention that I work nights and as such the timing of the march would be around when I was sound asleep.

I live in a large geographical country with a low population. Translation: distance matters. A lot. From my present location, a trip to the capital would take about three to four hours one way. Double it and the time spent on such a journey would not only deprive me of most of my sleep schedule, but also drain me of energy.

Butterfly transformation.
As I am undergoing a radical change, both physically and mentally, I do not particular enjoy being seen in the public eye. While there are matters worthy of fighting for and sacrificing your own privacy of, I marched in spirit instead of body.

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