søndag 27. november 2016

German cars in winter.

The sound of a roaring engine cut the clear air and silence away. Snow fell from naked branches. Silently, a text came together.

Hello, dear reader.

I know I’ve been silent for quite some time now. There are reasons for that. Some of those reasons are not going to be fully, or even remotely, explored here.

I’d like to address the US election.

While not an American myself, I am part of the world at large. Shaken, to put it mildly. Scared, to be honest.

Having recently come across another one who dips into the practice of sharing words with strangers on the web at large, I’ll link the post that sums up why HRC is the better option.

Funny how you stumble across the most valuable information in strange and unexpected places, isn’t it?

He's suave and sophisticated with a deadly edge to him.

Behold, she who thought of
nothing but her own fleeting
shall by her own pleasure be/enslaved.

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