tirsdag 23. august 2016

Girl without future.

Out of touch with the word.
That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Well, it sort of is – but then you do live in your own little world. It could be a nice world, much better than the real world. I’m not saying that I’m throwing “this” world away in favor of another one – I’m simply saying that I’m not as up to date on things as I might (and should) be. It doesn’t really bother me, to be honest.
My hair has grown. It’s not long, per say, but longer. The length won’t make a difference until a year or so – two years, I imagine. Long hair isn’t what I’m used to. But I do wear it and I do look good in it. Ponytails still causes me headache, though. Pigtails aren’t really my style. Even if Harley Quinn is rocking them good – not often the whiteness of the purity reminds me of heroin.
If you don’t know who this is, google the name. Now. Don’t worry, I can wait.
Done? Good. Seen the episode? Even better! Let’s move on.
Three lessens were pointed out. The first one is that standing up and doing what is right is the right thing to do. The second one: It’s okay being different and you shouldn’t be hunted because of that. You shouldn’t have to face prejudice because of who you are. Third – it’s never too late to learn more, even if you’re fairly certain that you know a lot about the subject at hand.
Yes, changelings can change.
Utter adorable elder gentleman who happened to be slightly affected by alcohol called me by my correct and chosen form of gender in a badly lit foyer about 40 minutes past midnight. I should probably not be as happy about this as I am. Nope. Not caring. Happiness is still happiness.

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