søndag 26. juni 2016

Hidden wonders made real.

Out of element.
Element unknown.
Like Swedish hip-hop.

Being included.
Being alone.
Being oneself.

Out of all the alias, Nomi was born.

I am Nomi.
It's not my real name, birth or chosen.
But it's who I am.

I am Nomi.
I am proud to be me.

Allies: you know who you are.
Thank you.

Marching with Pride. That was yesterday for me.
Except I didn't march as much as dance, jump, and move with joy to fitting music.

I also went to chuck Sunday - on a hunch more than anything - I had time to spare. Been a while since I've done so. Usually, I visit at least one church when I'm abroad. This was sort of the same.

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