lørdag 9. april 2016


Today I woke up much too early. Got the news that the puppy, the lovely creature that had been the freshest member of the household, had to be put down. Asked for an update, owner (a member of my household) broke down in tears. Went for an instant hug.

According to the owner, the vet said the puppy didn’t had a chance, that having that many seizures she suffered in such a short amount of time were terrible. Wasn’t even able to get contact with her, simply stated that she’d enter some kind of state that wasn’t part of this world.

She wasn’t even a year – about four months old in total. At least she didn’t suffer, not so much.
Still sucks.

Thanks to you who's been kind enough to help. If you do wish to help, feel free to drop me a few words - I'll pass on any love to the owner (if you knew the dog in question).

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