fredag 25. desember 2015

Enough. Enough now.

It’s come to my attention that all things should have an ending as they without a doubt always are presented with a beginning. Very well. Consider this my ending, at least for now. Oh, don’t be foolish, I’m not talking about THE ending, just… A ending. See? There’s a difference. Big one, too.
Now, I shan’t begin to explain how the world works because it’s perfectly capable to doing so without my say so, much as it always have and will continue to do once I’m out of the picture. Nor do I expect to be standing on ceremony. Oh, no, no, thank you, but no thank you. This is my show, I’m running it, I’m the one who’s allowed to say CUT, not anypony else. Much like a torn up newspaper from yesterday’s bin, all crumbled and filled with crumpets. Savvy?
An end, you say. Then I shall make it such an end that they’ll talk about it for years to come, worthy of recognition. Perhaps they’ll even sing songs about it. I highly doubt it, but I’ve been known to be surprised on just how the world really works from time to time. But, perhaps this is one of those times, hmm?
Overly dramatic? Yes, you’re quite right. It is, of course. Still, does have a nice feel to it, doesn’t it? The words, the composition… Even the heading.

Goodbye. I bid you all a very fond farewell.

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