mandag 30. november 2015

Algernon’s flowers. Yes, it’s true.

What is love? Love is keeping faithful to your non-joining companion in the sequel, not making another romance despite it being an achievement. Makes me proud not to have it. Almost as proud as this doesn’t transcend the love, but confirms that somethings are true no matter the universe and timeline.

Yes. Because if even an accursed Sovereign can be meant to understand the non-linear of time, thus making our choices, our every second of living important… L? In a world without you, I’d be a different pony. Maybe even a better one, despite circumstances. But I don’t want to change the past. The past is part of who I am. The past helped me figure out WHO I am today. And I wouldn’t change it for the world. I can’t predict what’s to come. What I can do is offer to share it with you.

It’s human to make mistakes. It’s the mark of a great one to forgive the mistakes of others and one self. Because in this world there is no saving function. There is no going back. Therefore we have to do better than what we are, what we’ve been. Because it’s the future that matters. Going back isn’t an option. Sorry.

Lips dripping of honey are hard to kiss. Just hold me closer. Don't dance. Just stop making my world spin and hold me, tiny dancer with impact out of propositions.

I love you, L.
I love you, M.
I love you, C.
I love you all.

And I’m sorry.

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