tirsdag 2. juni 2015


Oh, I love my job, I love my job!

Yes, I do. Today (it was today when I wrote this), we had a group of Americans, all what I presume are decedents of outbound immigrants from what I for clarification will describe as “my” country, arriving. Half of them seniors, some of them not seniors just yet, all with a joyful attitude, joking, smiling and being general excited to be here. At least a dozen of them, all quite nice to deal with – in the end, I lost count on how many compliments I had gotten for my wonderful service and King’s English by the end of the shift. Simply put, you just have to appreciate that kind of day.
Guess I’d make a good protocol droid.

And now over to something completely different.

My health issues and my doctor’s continued puzzlement about the subject as well as my mental state does not change the fact that I am capable of enjoying myself when I can. Having now made numerous new relations – several whom I now consider very friendly and quite enjoyable – as well as being able to write and create stories – alone or with others – and do the multiple characters I always end up with in games have made me reaffirm my belief that BoR still is the place for me to be.

Having one of these characters described as someone I shall not mention here have made it impossible for me to un-see the connection. However, no matter the similarities they share, I’m making a point of NOT having them merged in my mind and keeping them as two different personas. As they represent two completely unique and very far, far apart universes what should under NO CIRCUMSTANCES be joined against the… whatever common enemy they might or might not have.

I’m also continuing the Force Diary, now with the intention of regular updates. We’ll see how long that lasts.

So, the friendly neighbors have won again, this time with a top third score ever. Must admit, not heard the song.

Also, making a change here. Unexpected one, too. Can you spot it? Yay if you can, yay if you don’t.

Now, other than rambling on about my current projects and interests, I’m going to leave you a little riddle.
Thy skin is soft,
Thy lips are cold,
Butter and milk,
May you drown in the acid lake that no longer resembles a coast.
Pour the poor flour of life into the flag and set the sail to rule 34.

Asset, baby.

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