mandag 8. desember 2014

Thoughts. Taqia.

The former tenant of the bombed apartment still lay where I shot him. The smell had not improved since then. Not that it bothered me the slightest. If anything, the stink would keep others away. The filth, the rot and the garbage made for a nice hideout.

Sometimes it pays to be on guard. Sometimes, it pays to answer the holo call.

- Hello, Taq-taq. Long time, no see.

Only one person called me that. Yawa. Please be a prerecorded message and not an actual call. Turns out, I was wrong.

- It’s been ages…

I interrupted her.

Why do you call me? 
- What, you’re not happy to hear my voice, Taq-taq?
Not particularly, no. What do you want?
- I’ve got an offer for you. One even you can’t refuse.

The sad part was that she was right. I could not refuse her offer.

Yawa had left the old crew behind as I had. Or they had disbanded. Could have ended up dead, in prison or worse. Since my return to Dromund Kaas, I had not given them much thought.

In any case, if Yawa could get in touch with me, so could others. As I did not intend for others to find me, I felt I had little choice in this. Besides, the position she wanted me for had a lucrative promise. Perhaps too lucrative, even for my taste.

I left the place when the shadows where long enough to provide some cover. I had a long trip to the spaceport and beyond to make.

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