torsdag 2. desember 2010

Well, butter my biscuit!‏

Poeng til den som tar referansen.

Nazgûl i Sithkappe. Av alle steder tror jeg Northrend er mer sannsynlig enn Hoth eller Caradhras. Så lenge det varer.

Toalettet? Rett ned trappen.
Oversettelse: I’m blind, not deaf!

And for my very own Queen of Blades
”So she was turned away /
To hide her face, her lips, her guilt among the trees, / Even their leaves, to haunt caves of the forest, / To feed her love on melancholy sorrow / Which, sleepless, turned her body to a shade, / First pale and wrinkled, then a sheet of air, / Then bones, which some say turned to thin-worn rocks; / And last her voice remained. Vanished in forest, / Far from her usual walks on hills and valleys, / She’s heard by all who call; her voice has life.”
The Metamorphoses

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